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—  Lunch—

Modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season



—  Lucilla Salad—
mixed greens, cucumber, radish, tomato, herb vinaigrette

—  Caesar—
hand-torn romaine, creamy caesar dressing, parm-rustic croutons, crispy capers

—  Warm Goat Cheese Salad  —
spring greens, arugula, heirloom tomato, green beans, artichoke, pecans, black garlic vinaigrette

—  Caprese Salad—
heirloom tomato, burrata, balsamic, basil, smoked sea salt


—  Pimiento Cheese Fritters  —
bourbon peach glaze

—  Fried Oysters —
crystal-caper aioli, datil pepper cocktail sauce, champagne mignonette

—  Roasted Tomato Bisque  —
truffle oil, chive, mini grilled cheese

—  Crab Cakes  —
roasted corn succotash, pickled green tomato, crystal-caper aioli




—  Meatloaf—
whipped potatoes, green beans, espresso redeye gravy

—  Snapper St. Charles —
whipped potatoes, crab meat, pecans, lemon butter, sweet potato ribbons

—  Green Hill Chicken  —
sautéed chicken, Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill cheese, green beans, whipped potatoes, creole mustard cream

—  Blackened Chicken Salad Croissant—
arugula, bacon, strawberry jalapeno jam, chips

—  Shrimp & Grits —
cheesy herby Bradley's stone ground grits, roasted corn, andouille bell pepper gravy, crispy gulf shrimp

—  Spring Vegetable Vol-au-Vent  —
sautéed fresh spring vegetables, roasted shallot velouté, puff pastry, little lucilla salad

—  The Burger  —
griddled & grilled, manchego, bacon, special sauce, pickled green tomato, potato sticks, hawaiian bun, chips

—  Seared Scottish Salmon—
asparagus, quinoa, heirloom tomato

—  Portobello "Steak Frites" —
grilled sliced portobello, black garlic-dressed greens, hand-cut fries, red wine redux


Executive Chef Joseph Richardson

* all menus are samples and are subject to change according to seasonality and availability *


—  Dessert  —

Handmade, exclusively in-house (daily selections vary)

—  Salted Butterscotch Pots de Creme  —
pecan shortbread, whipped cream

—  Cupcake in a Jar—
triple chocolate with espresso buttercream

—  Other Cupcake in a Jar  —
chai spice with cardamom buttercream

—  Sticky Toffee Pudding  —
creme anglais

—  Key Lime Creme Brûlée  —
shortbread, berries, Chantilly cream

— Warm Ginger Peach Crisp—
buttermilk brown sugar ice cream

—  Pumpkin Bread Pudding—
caramel sauce, cinnamon whipped cream

—  Warm Gingerbread—
lemon curd, bitter lavender cream

—  Brown Sugar Pound Cake  —
maple glaze, whipped cream